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P2 pharmacy uk As developers we hate it. P2 pharmacy uk But I have to admit it is an unnecessary evil in my (current) world as an agency web developer. P2 pharmacy uk Lets face it – it works.

P2 pharmacy uk So here it is, p2 pharmacy uk the blog on the dreaded subject of email marketing from a my point of view, p2 pharmacy uk why we hate it, p2 pharmacy uk how we can make it work, p2 pharmacy uk what people can do to make our lives easier and campaigns more efficient and effective. P2 pharmacy uk

Why don’t I like building emails?

P2 pharmacy uk This is simple. P2 pharmacy uk We love accessible, p2 pharmacy uk semantic, p2 pharmacy uk standards based code. P2 pharmacy uk We do not like going back to techniques used over 10 years ago. P2 pharmacy uk We have to use out of date layout techniques and the code is long winded, p2 pharmacy uk complicated and boring to produce. P2 pharmacy uk It wouldn’t be so bad if we could use the same HTML and CSS standards we use for web sites, p2 pharmacy uk but unfortunately it isn’t an option. P2 pharmacy uk Not if you want your campaigns to include the creative idea that you are so sure will work, p2 pharmacy uk at least. P2 pharmacy uk And this doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

P2 pharmacy uk If you haven’t seen the problems with Microsoft Outlook 2007 using Microsft Word to render emails, p2 pharmacy uk then the internet is full of disgruntled people. P2 pharmacy uk Actually, p2 pharmacy uk I’ll help you with that. P2 pharmacy uk Don’t get me started on Lotus Notes.

P2 pharmacy uk It isn’t our fault animated gifs don’t always work. P2 pharmacy uk Flash can’t be used. P2 pharmacy uk Hell, p2 pharmacy uk even background images don’t work. P2 pharmacy uk These points ARE NOT OUR FAULT. P2 pharmacy uk But it still provides a hot topic of discussion between designers/concept teams and us developers. P2 pharmacy uk Trust my judgement, p2 pharmacy uk look at how long I’ve been doing this, p2 pharmacy uk we do actually know what we are doing, p2 pharmacy uk although maybe you and your great idea are more important than everyone seeing it as intended. P2 pharmacy uk Or doesn’t that defy the point altogether. P2 pharmacy uk

P2 pharmacy uk There are hundreds of different software, p2 pharmacy uk webmail and operating system combinations for us to work to. P2 pharmacy uk If you want your campaign to work in even 80% of them. P2 pharmacy uk Please listen to my advice, p2 pharmacy uk not just try to replicate your print campaign in an email. P2 pharmacy uk They are completely different mediums.

What works?

P2 pharmacy uk Again, p2 pharmacy uk simple things.

P2 pharmacy uk Keep your text to standard web fonts. P2 pharmacy uk Don’t rely on background images. P2 pharmacy uk Don’t ask for Flash or an animation. P2 pharmacy uk Keep the layout simple. P2 pharmacy uk The fewer images the better. P2 pharmacy uk Yes we can code so things will degrade gracefully, p2 pharmacy uk but if the client views the email in their inbox (compared to the signed off HTML file they viewed in a browser) with missing design elements they liked, p2 pharmacy uk it won’t be your fault, p2 pharmacy uk it will be mine. P2 pharmacy uk So please just make the designs possible in all clients.

P2 pharmacy uk Unless of course you have stats showing 100% of your recipients use an email client that supports animated gifs or background images – but first of all that is unlikely to be available, p2 pharmacy uk let alone likely to ever happen!

P2 pharmacy uk Even so what people don’t seem to understand is that everything doesn’t have to happen in an email. P2 pharmacy uk We have awesome tools in jQuery, p2 pharmacy uk Flash, p2 pharmacy uk and even simple HTML/CSS that can impress and prompt customer action better than an email. P2 pharmacy uk So a well thought out simple email to get people to somewhere showcasing the creative concept and getting customers interacting will work better than trying to contain everything in someone’s inbox. P2 pharmacy uk I find that a simple concept to understand. P2 pharmacy uk Why can’t others!

In the words of Columbo…

P2 pharmacy uk Just one more thing, p2 pharmacy uk if I can get on with building sites because I don’t have complicated email discussions going back and forwards, p2 pharmacy uk I will be happier. P2 pharmacy uk Of course sites are what I love, p2 pharmacy uk so if emails could disappear completely I’d appreciate it.


P2 pharmacy uk Finally, p2 pharmacy uk here are some good email resources, p2 pharmacy uk not that you’ll probably read them anyway. P2 pharmacy uk All are from Campaign Monitor, p2 pharmacy uk because they are good.

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2 thoughts on “Prandin 1mg Pills $87.00”

  1. Of course even if you do your job and create an email that everyone is happy with, it’s then my job (and people like me) to prevent it from getting to the intended recipient, I got a lot of complaints about the spam filtering service I use stopping “marketing” emails getting through….

    The person complaining never sees the irony in this.

  2. Oh Dave, don’t get me started on the whole code:content ratio, image sizes and content itself in terms of spam filtering.

    Some even say that the best format for email marketing is plain text, which works pretty well for Carsonified newsletters, and Carsonified know what they’re doing.

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