Exeter Trial 2012 – whoops

Mixed weekend at the Exeter Trial 2012.  After the first hill catching us out when we just didn’t have enough revs/power to keep going, we had a half decent run until Tillerton Steep when the bloody rough terrain resulted in jumping out of gear, and slight backwards slide before getting going again.

Simms was OK,got some distance up, but then this happened (52 seconds in for the hill and roll!):

Bump on my head but were both OK, and so was the car – managed to get another hill done before all hills were closed. It turns out a Marlin rolled too, but with more injuries and an air ambulance required. Both in that car were OK, couple broken bones but nothing too major!  Just goes to show what could have happened!

EDIT: Turns out it was a Parsons Special that rolled after us – Mark Chapman (in the comments) found these photos. A shorter, edited version of our accident is now on YouTube:

4 thoughts on “Exeter Trial 2012 – whoops”

  1. Hope the little Austin and you guys were ok,I filmed most of it,Apart from you going over! I thought your car got quite far,further than most.
    Hope your all back to trialling health soon,the later car that rolled,cant find any information at the moment,hope all ok.

  2. @Graham: Aside from some body work to be done the car was fine, as were my Dad and I! The Marlin that rolled (I heard it was a Marlin, you may know better) resulted in a broken collarbone and one lucky escape, so no life threatening injuries and both parties will be fine, as was announced at the dinner that evening, which was good news.

    Thanks for your comment, by the way!

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