Pyrenees training 2009

The past four days have been awesome, since I have been cycle/triathlon training with Richard from work, Gaunty who we swim with and his mate Nick.

The Pyrenees are beautiful and while we knew we were in for a tough time with a few big hills, no one really expected to be staying at the bottom of a hors catégorie climb in Col du Tourmalet. Round the corner was the Col d’Aspin too which has featuredin Le Tour de France 66 times. So the climbing was awesome, tough, beautiful, painful, challenging, sweaty and required a lot of determination. Continue reading “Pyrenees training 2009”

The Great British Bike Relay

So this year I did want to do something big for charity, following my London to Amsterdam to Brussels last year. I was struggling for ideas, but fortunately GyroHSR have provided me with a nice warm down following the Vitruvian IronMan 70.3.

The Great British Bike Relay is a relay cycle with a group starting in Glasgow and a team starting in London converging on Manchester on September 10th (where I will also be playing football for GyroHSR London vs the rest of Gyro HSR) before sending the next leg on its way.

So about 250 miles in 2 days should be enough of a challenge for which I have to raise £1,250 – so expect plenty of events and so on over the next few months. More information will follow as I get it – anyone who wants to join my team – let me know!

Thames Turbo Sprint Series Race 1

For weeks I thought I was not going to be able to enter this race after tearing (potentially) my intercostals, but I couldn’t miss the first race of the new Triathlon season. I decided about 10 hours before the race started that I should give it a go. So after packing all my gear into my bag, getting my aero helmet and TT bike sorted to try out in a race for the first time I went to bed excited that my season was about to start.

The season didn’t get off the the best start, when I forgot to register and then tried to start but wasn’t allowed. Thankfully I woke up – I was only having a bad dream! Next dream was even worse when I forgot to rack my bike and had to get it out of the car once I had finished the swim. I’m a little worried that dreaming about triathlon means I might be taking this a little too seriously. Continue reading “Thames Turbo Sprint Series Race 1”

The long quiet

Since my last blog I travelled by bicycle from London to Amsterdam to Brussels. I also started competitive triathlon. I was promoted. I found a few awesome web applications.

It might have been a few months since I blogged, as I was rebuilding my site from the ground up, however I recently decided to maintain WordPress as my blogging platform – so I can add blogs without having to re-build the databases later… leaving about 5 months of blogging to do.
Continue reading “The long quiet”