Recovery Progress Report

So it’s been 16 days since I had my operation, so I thought I would record the recovery progress and add some pictures of my wounds!

Today has been the best day yet, as earlier I went on a short bike ride, probably only about 3 miles, but it was a good work out and although I found it a little uncomfortable over bumps and setting away or slowing down, I enjoyed it and it wasn’t too stressful on my lungs! So if I don’t get back to work this week, a few more cycle rides to get me moving and I’ll be back Monday week easily.

So for the photos:

My first chest drain
Me in Hospital after the first chest drain was inserted. It’s not as bad as it looks!

Pleurectomy wounds - 2 weeks old.
My pleurectomy wound, bigger than I thought it would be and as painful as it looks!

So apart from a few wounds that still need sorting I feel much better and hope to be back at work soon!

Got the Bike!

My Specialized Allez 2006So I have my cycle and all this week I have been cycling around 25 miles a day on my commute to Chelsea and back. I have been rather hindered with poor navigation issues (getting lost) and some problems with punctures. So much so that today I will be spending money at Evans investing in puncture resistant tyres and new inner tubes, before having to replace thos on my bike before riding home.

The journey is rather nice and not to crowded with cars. Along the way I go alongside Regents Canal, through Green Park, past Buckingham Palace along Strand, past Trafalgar Square, and down to Chelsea. It has to be said it’s more scenic than the tube journey.

It is also quicker than the public transport alternative. In only an hour and 5 minutes I can be at work, which is about 10 minutes faster than tube and bus, when not lost or runnning on flat tyres!

One thing that did surprise me about London, is actually how small it is. It”s really not big at all, and the tube stations, which I wouldn”t have thought twice about using the tube to travel between, are often just round the corner. It”s really quite amazing, for me. It has definitely resulted in me hardly ever using the tube, and when I know London better, I expect I”ll use it even less. Anyway. I better get those tyres so I can get home in one piece!