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Viagra dosage Before I start this rant, viagra dosage I will add the disclaimer that I should take heed of the title myself, viagra dosage I am under no illusions about this. Viagra dosage Not following this advice started the whole thing.

Viagra dosage However I was annoyed at the time and still stand by my opinions. Viagra dosage I am referring to a twitter slanging match (there’s no other way to describe it) regarding, viagra dosage to put it bluntly, viagra dosage respect for the dead.

Viagra dosage The offending opinion was: “There are fresh flowers outside Kensington Palace for Princess’s Di. Viagra dosage WTF! She’s been dead for over a decade people! Time to move on!”

Viagra dosage Wrong.

Viagra dosage Now I must admit that I probably shouldn’t have used the “T” word in a reply, viagra dosage but I was angry. Viagra dosage Why can’t people leave flowers at any location to remember someone. Viagra dosage Especially someone that did change so many people’s lives be it from land mine charity work, viagra dosage AIDS and HIV awareness efforts or just being a public figure.

Viagra dosage Fair enough, viagra dosage maybe there are better places for remembrance offerings, viagra dosage but is there any need to tell people to move on. Viagra dosage When walking past flowers, viagra dosage my immediate response is a thought that it is good that people are being remembered, viagra dosage not that they were doing it wrong or should get over it.

Viagra dosage In my opinion, viagra dosage that is just being a twat.

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Prescription viagra Shakespeare was an excellent author of fiction. Prescription viagra I fear Sebastian Shakespeare of the Evening Standard columnist of the same name is following in his namesakes footsteps.

Prescription viagra Following the introduction of a death by dangerous cycling bill, prescription viagra Julia Hartley-Brewer gave typically misinformed and biased bullshit on her sad excuse for a radio programme and now it seems everypone has to have a go at Cyclists.

Prescription viagra Well done for jumping on the cyclist bashing bandwagon with your article “Cyclists have had an easy ride too long” Sebastian Shakespeare, prescription viagra however as commented on your article, prescription viagra here’s my response to your drivel:

Prescription viagra You say that cyclists should have insurance (I do have third party insurance, prescription viagra FYI) but try having a look at the uninsured drivers stats first. Prescription viagra When that problem is resolved try bringing in another rule for the contraptions that will do minimal damage (in most cases) to a person or other road user.

Prescription viagra We haven’t had it easy, prescription viagra how you would call being hit (side swiped on a straight road) by a HGV and hospitalised easy (myself, prescription viagra July 2010) I don’t know.

Prescription viagra A minority will flount the rules, prescription viagra and I try to tell the law breaking fellow cyclists of the reputation they give us. Prescription viagra But you say we run red lights, prescription viagra in the eyes of the law I could give you hundreds of car (and motorcycle) registrations each week that are all positioned in the cyclists area at junctions, prescription viagra ignoring the ASL (Advanced Stop Line) making life much harder for cyclists to be safe.

Prescription viagra How about the traffic wardens look at them too, prescription viagra or is that victimising the car drivers too much?

Prescription viagra I could go on, prescription viagra and I’d like to have a conversation with Sebastian, prescription viagra but (as he pointed out in his article) he’d rather speak to someone who has poor English language skills than hear my northern twang. Prescription viagra My money is actually on the fact that he has some form of regional accent. Prescription viagra Or maybe he is too focused on writing shit that he never speaks.  Maybe I should give him a Glasgow kiss to justify his apparent lack of respect for anyone.

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Cialis canada This afternoon I saw on twitter that LBC were doing a bit of cycling bashing. Cialis canada So I thought I would listen in, cialis canada at no point would I have thought that I would get this angry about the presenter, cialis canada callers or even the cyclist that phoned in.

Cialis canada When they started by stating numerous times (the ill-informed Julia Hartley Brewer and callers alike) that car drivers pay to use the roads so should have exclusive use of them, cialis canada I was hoping for ANYONE to point out that Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) does not pay for the roads, cialis canada but roads are paid for by regular taxation, cialis canada so I do pay for the roads, cialis canada even if I don’t have a car or a bike. Cialis canada Check for more details on that, cialis canada but safe to say they are wrong. Cialis canada I did call in but unfortunately LBC didn’t call me back.

Cialis canada And MOTs, cialis canada licenses and registration plates for cyclists is a useless suggestion, cialis canada considering the police struggle and pretty much fight a losing battle against motorists who drive without insurance, cialis canada how the hell do you expect this to be enforced. Cialis canada If anyone has any ideas I’d love to know.  Before anyone mentions insurance, cialis canada I have third party insurance on my bike, cialis canada although I would never expect to use it.

Cialis canada Next, cialis canada callers were virtually threatening cyclists. Cialis canada I don’t remember his name but the driver that said of cyclists “I’ve hit one before and would do it again. Cialis canada If they’re in my way I’ll run them down.” WHAT THE FUCK. Cialis canada I guess it says something that the caller drives a BMW but I wish he had given his number plate so I can avoid him altogether. Cialis canada And report him to the police if he tries to use his car as a weapon.

Cialis canada Cyclists that “wear lycra and think they’re professional cyclists” should dismount and use a footbridge (as suggested by a caller) is bollocks. Cialis canada We have a right to use the road and when we are traveling at a fair speed, cialis canada why should we sacrifice journey time by minutes when we would only hold up cars for a few seconds, cialis canada most of the time.

Cialis canada To the cyclist who is the only one who doesn’t break the highway code and thinks other cyclists (and I think he included the LCC in the statement) are arrogant scum is living in his own little world, cialis canada I see hundreds of cyclists every year that are fine cyclists and don’t jump lights and so on.

Cialis canada And as for the presenter I don’t remember the complete build up, cialis canada but saying that if you kill a cyclist you should be the one people feel for is pathetic, cialis canada you come across as a selfish cow. Cialis canada You have no more right to use the road than a cyclist, cialis canada and while I can’t remember the incident as you described it, cialis canada I do remember thinking you did not have right of way, cialis canada so it would have been your fault. Cialis canada Maybe you can email me at to explain it again, cialis canada because I now simply believe you to be a danger to myself and other cyclists for not even knowing the highway code.

Cialis canada I am very sorry that LBC couldn’t call me back so that I could defend cyclists and point out their errors, cialis canada ask why they think the aggressive behaviour of some motorists is acceptable and why a 4 year old case has brought the fact that a cyclist could kill a pedestrian into the media spotlight when hundreds (or thousands) of cyclists AND pedestrians are seriously injured by motor vehicles all the time (no pedestrian deaths in the last 4 years involving a cyclist hitting a pedestrian, cialis canada there have been 3 people killed by cars or lorries in the past 2 weeks!).

Cialis canada And don’t get me started on Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs)… when will drivers/motorcyclists get punished for entering those I wonder.

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Viagra pill After visiting the Middlesbrough Football Club site and MFC Official Direct shop ( today, viagra pill I was left embarrassed as a Boro fan at the state of both web sites. Viagra pill Below are open letters which I hope representatives of both will see and respond to.

Viagra pill Dear MFC Official Direct

Viagra pill When seeing an advert for the 30% off sale and Boro replica kits for only £15 I was very happy and ran straight over to the store to get myself a replica home kit.

Viagra pill However the experience I had left me shocked, viagra pill disappointed and embarrassed. Viagra pill Now let me say that I am a Boro fan and a front end developer (so I can understand when things aren’t perfect), viagra pill but still feel the need to expose the pitfalls of this site in public.

Viagra pill My first issue was when I tried to update my delivery address, viagra pill having moved jobs and so I couldn’t have the parcel delivered to my old place of work. Viagra pill However it appears I am not allowed to move companies, viagra pill the company name could not be edited. Viagra pill ANYWHERE. Viagra pill Not on that form, viagra pill not on my account page, viagra pill not on mange addresses through my account page, viagra pill nowhere. Viagra pill The company isn’t even called Gyro International anymore!

Viagra pill Following that annoyance, viagra pill I thought “Fine, viagra pill I’ll just add a new address. Viagra pill But then I couldn’t add a company name to go with that, viagra pill and being in a shared building with many other companies and nowhere to add a company name and few form fields for address I thought I would have it delivered home.

Viagra pill Delivery details on MFC Official Direct Store

Viagra pill I thought that would be fine, viagra pill but alas no. Viagra pill Following selection of delivery type in step 2 I was thrown to the confirm order page. Viagra pill Step 4. Viagra pill Hold on. Viagra pill That’s missed step 3, viagra pill and I haven’t entered my payment details yet? But I’m on the last step? Oh well. Viagra pill I guess this really is a good shop! That was confirmed by a nice page telling my my order has been successfully placed! Excellent, viagra pill I don’t have to pay it seems. Viagra pill Maybe now Mido is back he is funding a shirt giveaway to try and make someone love him!

Viagra pill Alas no, viagra pill after a second or two I was delivered and Sage Pay (formerly Protx) payment page. Viagra pill Now this possibly isn’t MFC Official Direct’s fault, viagra pill however it is still part of a flawed process. Viagra pill And anyone that spends £12.7m on Alfonso Alves must have some cash somewhere to invest in a seamless checkout process. Viagra pill Or at least one that allows the checkout page to be on brand, viagra pill not hideous and at least not be included as step 5 of 4.

Viagra pill The hideous Sage Pay checkout screen.

Viagra pill So after all that and finally getting my payment details in, viagra pill I notice that Sage Pay have thankfully printed my delivery address so I know its right:

Viagra pill Flat E

(They printed my postcode too, viagra pill but that’s private!)

Viagra pill Now I know the postcode will probably mean that as a delivery address might just make it, viagra pill and maybe the full address has been stored, viagra pill but why print only part of the address. Viagra pill Thinking about it, viagra pill there are quite a few flats in my area so Flat E, viagra pill Putney might not make it. Viagra pill My address is a required 2 lines before the town and postcode so why not just show me the details so I don’t think you’ve lost half my address along the way. Viagra pill Same goes for invoice address. Viagra pill Just show it all or people (including myself) might not be confident you have managed to pass the correct delivery information and that we may never see our goods, viagra pill many of which are quite expensive on the MFC Official Direct store.

Viagra pill Anyway, viagra pill after this traumatic experience it’ll be a while before I use the MFC Official Direct store again, viagra pill however I also have some gripes with the Middlesbrough Football Club website itself, viagra pill so this probably isn’t the last you’ll hear from me. Viagra pill Thankfully however, viagra pill at least the agency that built the site are linked to in the footer, viagra pill so it can act as a reminder to never, viagra pill ever recommend Black Magic Digital of Glasgow as a digital agency. Viagra pill They apparently missed out on the user experience chapter of every book they ever picked up.

Viagra pill Yours, viagra pill

Viagra pill Matt Bee

Viagra pill Boro Fan and Front End Developer

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Viagra usage Today the “Road to Hope” convoy bound to deliver aid to Gaza, viagra usage Palestine has been taken hostage by a Greek ship owner, viagra usage who was due to transport them from the Lybia/Egypt border following the Egyptian government denying access by land. Viagra usage Among the group being held hostage are 3 Libyans, viagra usage 6 UK nationals, viagra usage 2 Irish, viagra usage 1 Morrocan and 1 Algerian. Viagra usage Interestingly 2 of the Lybians are Port Officials. Viagra usage Among the UK nationals is my friend Kieran, viagra usage someone I have respected and admired for many many years. Viagra usage

Viagra usage Having been paid $70, viagra usage000 to carry out the transport the owner and captain apparently then held out for more. Viagra usage With no more funds being given over and the initial funds recovered, viagra usage the hostage situation came about. Viagra usage Leaving the harbour by force and half closing the drive on ramp with a vehicle still on it I’m sure there might be more to the story than anyone but those aboard know about.

Viagra usage Bit worrying for Kieran, viagra usage but I know he is well versed in the politics of wherever he goes and has 12 years experience in the aid convoy business, viagra usage so hoping that everything works out.

Viagra usage Following quite a bit of pressure through social networks from Kieran’s friends on twitter and facebook, viagra usage it seems we’ve got some action by the press and government agents with the BBC hopefully picking up the story (thank you @KirbyVictoria), viagra usage earlier featured on CNN. Viagra usage I’ll await news from the media all evening and I expect for a short while yet.

Viagra usage Where’s Jack Bauer when you need him. Viagra usage Or the Expendables, viagra usage remembering the first scene from that film.

Viagra usage More links on the story:

Viagra usage BBC News

Viagra usage The Independant
Waltham Forest Guardian
Salem News

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