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Cialis trazodone Today the cycling community are rightly up in arms for one of the worst researched, cialis trazodone offensive and completely untrue articles I have read in a long time. Cialis trazodone It was by you, cialis trazodone Jan Etherington. Cialis trazodone For reference, cialis trazodone this is what I am writing about:

Cialis trazodone So, cialis trazodone as you appear (from the article) to be lazy and need some help with facts, cialis trazodone I thought I would clear some things up.

Cialis trazodone The “stoic girls” included Olympic Silver medallist Lizzie Armistead. Cialis trazodone Easily found on Google.

Cialis trazodone We don’t all run red lights. Cialis trazodone Try this for some decent journalism on the topic: Cialis trazodone Yes, cialis trazodone some cyclists do, cialis trazodone but one thing that does make me angry as a cyclist is those on two wheels that DO run red lights.

Cialis trazodone You say I believe I am from a superior race? How have you possibly come to this confusion? I think it’s much more likely that you are sneering at cyclists from your stationary bus, cialis trazodone car or taxi on the way to your job, cialis trazodone which it seems you don’t spend too much effort on anyway. Cialis trazodone I’m sure somewhere I read journalists have some responsibility. Cialis trazodone Maybe this might help you, cialis trazodone although I am not sure how official that document is.

Cialis trazodone You say cyclists believe YOU (who says that you hope you cause us to fall off, cialis trazodone hence risking death) are a lesser mortal. Cialis trazodone On the evidence of the article, cialis trazodone you are.

Cialis trazodone I also live on the Olympic cyclists route.  Did you bother to ask if any of the cafes would be happier with less business? I’m sure the Box Hill cafe appreciate the roaring trade helping fun the National Trust. Cialis trazodone I’m pretty sure they are happy. Cialis trazodone Even if you are not.

Cialis trazodone Here is an absolute fact – if I had no spatial awareness I would have been seriously injured a number of times. Cialis trazodone Most recently a month or so ago when a car over took me and swerved in front (a right hook, cialis trazodone FYI), cialis trazodone hitting me. Cialis trazodone Luckily I anticipated the incident and stopped before I was seriously hurt. Cialis trazodone Who had no spatial awareness in that incident I ask?

Cialis trazodone You say we never stop to enjoy the scenery. Cialis trazodone Well I regularly stop to enjoy scenery while riding and often take a photo too.

Cialis trazodone As for your method of crossing the road, cialis trazodone I would seriously recommend you look back to your childhood (stop, cialis trazodone look and listen) rather than “try to amble across the road”. Cialis trazodone I’m sure electric cars will stop you from ambling across the road. Cialis trazodone Or would that be the vehicle driver’s fault too?

Cialis trazodone You say this in your article:

Cialis trazodone I make it a rule always to say “Good morning” to these belting bikers. Cialis trazodone With any luck, cialis trazodone it will take them by surprise so much that they’ll slow down, cialis trazodone or better still, cialis trazodone fall off.

Cialis trazodone Do I misread this as you actually admitting to attempted assault, cialis trazodone or worse, cialis trazodone actual bodily harm? I would happily let the police decide on this if you are unsure. Cialis trazodone It sounds quite threatening at least. Cialis trazodone By the way, cialis trazodone I am extremely offended by it.

Cialis trazodone Regarding my lycra I never actually planned to wear any until I found how mor comforatble and how much it helps against the wind, cialis trazodone quite logical reasons for my outfit I think. Cialis trazodone Same as I wear football boots for football, cialis trazodone I wear nice padded shorts for cycling.

Cialis trazodone This has turned into a much longer letter than I imagined, cialis trazodone so I am going to down my keyboard and relax for a bit.

Cialis trazodone Yours, cialis trazodone

Cialis trazodone Matt

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Viagra with no prescription Shakespeare was an excellent author of fiction. Viagra with no prescription I fear Sebastian Shakespeare of the Evening Standard columnist of the same name is following in his namesakes footsteps.

Viagra with no prescription Following the introduction of a death by dangerous cycling bill, viagra with no prescription Julia Hartley-Brewer gave typically misinformed and biased bullshit on her sad excuse for a radio programme and now it seems everypone has to have a go at Cyclists.

Viagra with no prescription Well done for jumping on the cyclist bashing bandwagon with your article “Cyclists have had an easy ride too long” Sebastian Shakespeare, viagra with no prescription however as commented on your article, viagra with no prescription here’s my response to your drivel:

Viagra with no prescription You say that cyclists should have insurance (I do have third party insurance, viagra with no prescription FYI) but try having a look at the uninsured drivers stats first. Viagra with no prescription When that problem is resolved try bringing in another rule for the contraptions that will do minimal damage (in most cases) to a person or other road user.

Viagra with no prescription We haven’t had it easy, viagra with no prescription how you would call being hit (side swiped on a straight road) by a HGV and hospitalised easy (myself, viagra with no prescription July 2010) I don’t know.

Viagra with no prescription A minority will flount the rules, viagra with no prescription and I try to tell the law breaking fellow cyclists of the reputation they give us. Viagra with no prescription But you say we run red lights, viagra with no prescription in the eyes of the law I could give you hundreds of car (and motorcycle) registrations each week that are all positioned in the cyclists area at junctions, viagra with no prescription ignoring the ASL (Advanced Stop Line) making life much harder for cyclists to be safe.

Viagra with no prescription How about the traffic wardens look at them too, viagra with no prescription or is that victimising the car drivers too much?

Viagra with no prescription I could go on, viagra with no prescription and I’d like to have a conversation with Sebastian, viagra with no prescription but (as he pointed out in his article) he’d rather speak to someone who has poor English language skills than hear my northern twang. Viagra with no prescription My money is actually on the fact that he has some form of regional accent. Viagra with no prescription Or maybe he is too focused on writing shit that he never speaks.  Maybe I should give him a Glasgow kiss to justify his apparent lack of respect for anyone.

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Levitra vs viagra This afternoon I saw on twitter that LBC were doing a bit of cycling bashing. Levitra vs viagra So I thought I would listen in, levitra vs viagra at no point would I have thought that I would get this angry about the presenter, levitra vs viagra callers or even the cyclist that phoned in.

Levitra vs viagra When they started by stating numerous times (the ill-informed Julia Hartley Brewer and callers alike) that car drivers pay to use the roads so should have exclusive use of them, levitra vs viagra I was hoping for ANYONE to point out that Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) does not pay for the roads, levitra vs viagra but roads are paid for by regular taxation, levitra vs viagra so I do pay for the roads, levitra vs viagra even if I don’t have a car or a bike. Levitra vs viagra Check for more details on that, levitra vs viagra but safe to say they are wrong. Levitra vs viagra I did call in but unfortunately LBC didn’t call me back.

Levitra vs viagra And MOTs, levitra vs viagra licenses and registration plates for cyclists is a useless suggestion, levitra vs viagra considering the police struggle and pretty much fight a losing battle against motorists who drive without insurance, levitra vs viagra how the hell do you expect this to be enforced. Levitra vs viagra If anyone has any ideas I’d love to know.  Before anyone mentions insurance, levitra vs viagra I have third party insurance on my bike, levitra vs viagra although I would never expect to use it.

Levitra vs viagra Next, levitra vs viagra callers were virtually threatening cyclists. Levitra vs viagra I don’t remember his name but the driver that said of cyclists “I’ve hit one before and would do it again. Levitra vs viagra If they’re in my way I’ll run them down.” WHAT THE FUCK. Levitra vs viagra I guess it says something that the caller drives a BMW but I wish he had given his number plate so I can avoid him altogether. Levitra vs viagra And report him to the police if he tries to use his car as a weapon.

Levitra vs viagra Cyclists that “wear lycra and think they’re professional cyclists” should dismount and use a footbridge (as suggested by a caller) is bollocks. Levitra vs viagra We have a right to use the road and when we are traveling at a fair speed, levitra vs viagra why should we sacrifice journey time by minutes when we would only hold up cars for a few seconds, levitra vs viagra most of the time.

Levitra vs viagra To the cyclist who is the only one who doesn’t break the highway code and thinks other cyclists (and I think he included the LCC in the statement) are arrogant scum is living in his own little world, levitra vs viagra I see hundreds of cyclists every year that are fine cyclists and don’t jump lights and so on.

Levitra vs viagra And as for the presenter I don’t remember the complete build up, levitra vs viagra but saying that if you kill a cyclist you should be the one people feel for is pathetic, levitra vs viagra you come across as a selfish cow. Levitra vs viagra You have no more right to use the road than a cyclist, levitra vs viagra and while I can’t remember the incident as you described it, levitra vs viagra I do remember thinking you did not have right of way, levitra vs viagra so it would have been your fault. Levitra vs viagra Maybe you can email me at to explain it again, levitra vs viagra because I now simply believe you to be a danger to myself and other cyclists for not even knowing the highway code.

Levitra vs viagra I am very sorry that LBC couldn’t call me back so that I could defend cyclists and point out their errors, levitra vs viagra ask why they think the aggressive behaviour of some motorists is acceptable and why a 4 year old case has brought the fact that a cyclist could kill a pedestrian into the media spotlight when hundreds (or thousands) of cyclists AND pedestrians are seriously injured by motor vehicles all the time (no pedestrian deaths in the last 4 years involving a cyclist hitting a pedestrian, levitra vs viagra there have been 3 people killed by cars or lorries in the past 2 weeks!).

Levitra vs viagra And don’t get me started on Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs)… when will drivers/motorcyclists get punished for entering those I wonder.

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50 mg cialis dose Microsoft disclaimer!

50 mg cialis dose So just after receiving an email asking why a complicated HTML email didn’t work in Outlook 2007 and explaining that since it uses Word to render HTML it was never going to display everything right. 50 mg cialis dose Obviously some people just don’t understand this.

50 mg cialis dose However with almost perfect timing I got an email from xBox Live (Microsoft run) with the disclaimer above shown right at the top! Yes, 50 mg cialis dose Microsoft themselves are suggesting you read the HTML email in a browser rather than their own email client!

50 mg cialis dose “Read this issue online if you can’t see the images or are using Outlook 2007”

50 mg cialis dose Now I accept that Microsoft may be correct in that HTML should not have been used for emails at all, 50 mg cialis dose emails should be plain text, 50 mg cialis dose end of. 50 mg cialis dose However if you are then going to support HTML partially, 50 mg cialis dose whilst using HTML emails in your own marketing, 50 mg cialis dose with a disclaimer against your own product, 50 mg cialis dose something is very wrong somewhere! Anyway, 50 mg cialis dose all the clients I work for won’t pay for plain text emails, 50 mg cialis dose therefore HTML emails kind of keep me in a job!

50 mg cialis dose Anyway, 50 mg cialis dose I found this amusing, 50 mg cialis dose hope you do too.

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Generic viagra free shipping I’m in!

Generic viagra free shipping My GP has signed me as fit to participate so on the 6th-9th June 2008 I will be cycling from London to Amsterdam and onto Brussels. Generic viagra free shipping That’s about 320 miles, generic viagra free shipping approximately 100 miles a day 3 days running.

Generic viagra free shipping Starting at St Pancras in North London, generic viagra free shipping we move straight onto Harwich, generic viagra free shipping Essex (East coast, generic viagra free shipping East of Colchester) where we will jump on an overnight ferry to Hoek Van Holland. Generic viagra free shipping Once in the land of windmills and clogs, generic viagra free shipping the 59 miles to Amsterdam are tackled. Generic viagra free shipping Since that is only given 4 hours to be completed in, generic viagra free shipping I think the 3 hours spare in Amsterdam will probably be a little rest for my body. Generic viagra free shipping But once 3pm hits we are straight back to the business of 60 miles on to Kinderdijk, generic viagra free shipping near Rotterdam. Generic viagra free shipping Now by this point I expect my legs to either be the size of tree trunks or ready to fall off, generic viagra free shipping so naturally the longest stint of the weekend is welcomed. Generic viagra free shipping 120 miles from Kinderdijk to Brussels where I assume there will be a huge party and I will be allowed to get extremely drunk and not move my legs for 21 hours until the 1556 Eurostar to St Pancras.

Generic viagra free shipping Here’s a rough map of the route to give you an idea of the scale of the task (click to enlarge):

Generic viagra free shipping 3 Capitals in 3 Days Cycle Challenge route.

Generic viagra free shipping Then I’ll probably have to cycle home.

Generic viagra free shipping So that’s the itinerary, generic viagra free shipping which I hope I will be able to keep up with – training better start now, generic viagra free shipping but of course there is also the matter of the sponsorship of £1350 I have to raise by then for The Mines Advisory Group. Generic viagra free shipping So keep your eyes peeled for the fund raising site and blogs demanding your money that will be starting very very soon.

Generic viagra free shipping Please send me any possible fund raising ideas you might have as soon as possible!