Viagra And Lisinopril

Viagra and lisinopril Which mean I have successfully completed the Vitruvian Triathlon, viagra and lisinopril a half IronMan distance triathlon (almost – the bike is 5km short!). Viagra and lisinopril That’s 1.9km swim, viagra and lisinopril 85km bike and 21km run.

Viagra and lisinopril I was pretty pleased with the time, viagra and lisinopril 5 hours 08 minutes and 35 seconds, viagra and lisinopril with the following splits:

Swim 00:36:21
T1 00:03:05
Cycle 02:42:46
T2 00:01:33
Run 01:44:47
Total 05:08:35

Viagra and lisinopril The swim started bright and early at 6:20am, viagra and lisinopril so I was up and out of the B&B, viagra and lisinopril with Rich from GyroHSR who was also racing, viagra and lisinopril at 5am. Viagra and lisinopril We arrived and got transition sorted, viagra and lisinopril I rushed a bit by faffing far too much, viagra and lisinopril but all went relatively smoothly.

Rutland Water, viagra and lisinopril home of the Vitruvian Triathlon
Rutland Water, viagra and lisinopril home of the Vitruvian Triathlon

Viagra and lisinopril The water was full of plant life which was a bit annoying to say the least, viagra and lisinopril tangling around my arms a few times but after 2 laps of the 950m course, viagra and lisinopril I emerged feeling quite good. Viagra and lisinopril So much so I probably could have taken another minute off the swim time, viagra and lisinopril but it was also a rough swim, viagra and lisinopril with other competitors around me all the way.  I took my time a bit in transition, viagra and lisinopril getting the wetsuit off and making sure I had all the gels and bars I needed and set off on the 2 lap 42.5km course.

Viagra and lisinopril It was cold, viagra and lisinopril very cold and a bit too windy on the bike, viagra and lisinopril but the hills got my heart going when they came around. Viagra and lisinopril I aimed at keeping my heart rate at 140BPM on the bike, viagra and lisinopril gauging that would be the level I thought I would need to post a sub 3 hours time, viagra and lisinopril turns out it was a great time, viagra and lisinopril as I got through the hills and the wind still feeling strong for the part I had trained most for recently, viagra and lisinopril the half marathon.

Viagra and lisinopril Feeling pretty  strong I set the target heart rate of 157 all the way, viagra and lisinopril which should post a 1:35 half marathon, viagra and lisinopril not bad at all. Viagra and lisinopril However I expected to flag and while I felt strong most of the way round, viagra and lisinopril the faster runners were a little demoralising.  I kept above 155BPM most of the way round, viagra and lisinopril in the last 7km easing off a little and cruising home at 145BPM, viagra and lisinopril with an average HR of 154BPM for the 21km. Viagra and lisinopril I even had a little in the tank for a 50m  sprint at the end!

Viagra and lisinopril Only down side to the day was finding Rich at the end, viagra and lisinopril and hearing his race wasn’t ideal – I wish he’d felt as strong so we had a fair comparison of times. Viagra and lisinopril Still, viagra and lisinopril I had quite a bit of time on him and better training in the build up may just have given me a sub 5 hour time, viagra and lisinopril but that’s life!

Viagra and lisinopril And the day after, viagra and lisinopril  following that monster challenge, viagra and lisinopril I had my Choi Kwang Do yellow belt grading, viagra and lisinopril so now I’m a Vitruvian and a a proper colour belt in martial arts. Viagra and lisinopril All in all a good weekend!

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I appear to have finally exorcised the running demons for this season, only more than half way through the season, but at least I have managed to get ready for my main Olympic distance race in Milton Keynes on Sunday 26th July and the dreaded Vitruvian race in September.

Completing a warm up sprint distance triathlon on Wednesday gone in the F3 Traithletes World series, at Dorney Lake, was a bit of a milestone in the end. Posting not only my fastest swim yet, I also managed a pretty good 21:32 5km run off the bike.  A total time of 1:14.58 met my final goal of last year and hitting under 1:15 for a sprint triathlon really felt like an achievement. Now lets see if 1:10 is possible next year!

Milton Keynes have slightly annoyed me by changing the bike route to a 2 lap 20km route rather than one 40km loop, however I hope to use this to my advantage and blitz the second lap by know where I can punch it and when I need to save some leg strength for the undulations. Travelling up there by car Saturday means I’ll also have chance to recce the course, better preparing myself even more.

I’ve also just started my own running club! Work have introduced a scheme to try and get people more active and I’ll be taking on the running side of it with regular runs for all abilities at various times throughout the week. Will have to plan the best way for beginner and mixed ability running sessions, but I also look forward to the faster lot providing a bit of a challenge and motivation during some really tough interval and fartlek sessions.

The GyroHSR Chicago office have also laid down challenge in regards to a Nike+ inter-office challange, so I’ll have to get myself an iPod and Nike+ sports kit to participate in that – but to be honest its a good excuse for more training tracking toys.

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