Tis strange, jumping from Web Dev back down to HTML – er, but also shows that I know a lot less than I thought already. Well, not to worry as I”ll be back on line on a permanent basis from in 5 – 7 working days, as long as PlusNet are better than Demon. Hopefully they are.

Then back to the sad ol” world of being a geek. At least the money”s good.

Why do they hassle me!

Is it because I am good and ended up doing a big site cheaper than it should have been? Or is it because I am a mug that gives in and does every request people give me!!

It’s my last 2 days at work here in the North East, they should be easy days! Without big expectations! Thing is I know that everyone that has been given my mobile number is going to keep ringing me even after I leave, as I”m the one that gets things done. Damn them!