IE is the debbil!!

After taking over one of the websites in my new job, I found a bug in IE 6, which did not appear in IE 5.5 (apparently it is possible for Microsoft to get worse) where when a main div was separated into columns anything in the columns was not displayed. After hours of searching and messing with the CSS a colleague suggested setting a width for the div in which the columns lived. IT WORKED! Such a simple solution after hours of searching was both satisfying but also very annoying.

In summary, will someone please sort out the IE developers…


Tis strange, jumping from Web Dev back down to HTML – er, but also shows that I know a lot less than I thought already. Well, not to worry as I”ll be back on line on a permanent basis from in 5 – 7 working days, as long as PlusNet are better than Demon. Hopefully they are.

Then back to the sad ol” world of being a geek. At least the money”s good.

Why do they hassle me!

Is it because I am good and ended up doing a big site cheaper than it should have been? Or is it because I am a mug that gives in and does every request people give me!!

It’s my last 2 days at work here in the North East, they should be easy days! Without big expectations! Thing is I know that everyone that has been given my mobile number is going to keep ringing me even after I leave, as I”m the one that gets things done. Damn them!