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Right Web Dev Community, shut your moaning bitching mouth. People disagree all the time, there is not a time I haven't disagreed with people over a talk, someone's methodology, or their attitude. But what I will say is that moaning and saying "I'm leaving this industry, you're all bullies" is bullshit, you should grow a set. All I want to say is the good far out weighs the bad. And to prove this, here is a list of random acts of kindness I have experienced, both for me personally and things I have been involved in for the community. And a list of just awesome people all over. UPDATE: Because I have constantly been reminded of people that have been so kind to me and the community, I shall try and keep maintaining this list for the unforeseeable future, although you might not all agree with the names on the list - I really have taken something for nothing from every single person named. Keep it up!

  1. Before I even knew what PHP was, taught me how to submit a form using PHP despite we'd met only [fosamax 35mg pills $84.00] once at a totally unconnected to web event.
  2. for turning into a cycle nerd friend as well as geeky event mate.
  3. Everyone on , for answering people's questions.
  4. , for generally being an excellent beer hound (add and everyone from @pubstandards to this item, as a matter of fact)
  5. and for being extra friendly fellow northerners whenever we happen to be in the same place
  6. and (yes, AGAIN!) and for volunteering on the podcast, helping me out quite a bit in the early days.
  7. for being a random traveling buddy (or is he actually stalking me?) and general friendly face at all manner of events. And for not whinging after accidentally .
  8. for offering business advice in running your own web stuff. And being a bloody good bloke to boot.
  9. for feeding work and excellent advice constantly. And letting me loose on his RackSpace hosting.
  10. for agreeing with my views on homeopathy (and providing good web advice!). Fosamax 35mg pills $84.00 he does bloody good talks too. And is sometimes funny.
  11. for organising (although the £1. 70 profit on the last event may mean he's not as kind hearted as I though - PS, that's a joke. . . )
  12. for being thoroughly offensive and wrong (read as challenging my HTML structure and semantics, which is good!)
  13. for , and that book and sound advice.
  14. for letting me bug him in his own house while he showed me some HTML5 Mobile App stuff.
  15. and for always being available to drink while teaching me clever stuff.
  16. for reminding me of something I already knew, then virtually apologising for the good point he made!!
  17. , who organises Croydon Creatives. PS - I can't believe he isn't even a full time web dude yet!
  18. for being everything I would expect from a Geordie lass! That *is* a good thing, honest.
  19. and for pointing me at interesting things that I should do and always being willing to pay for my beer!
  20. and for and providing just awesome advice and support for . Rachel also posted a much more coherent post on this topic than I fosamax 35mg pills $84.00 ever will on .
  21. for not only being very metal and introducing me to , but also giving up his time to speak at the awesome
  22. and gave up their valuable time to organise the aforementioned Speak the Web, so they definitely need a mention.
  23. Myself (!!) for volunteering at some events, manning doors and setting up chairs etc. And buying a wooden spoon prize to try and make Geek Karters smile. I know fosamax 35mg pills $84.00, I am too humble. . .
  24. A thousand (literally) other people who have all become friends, colleagues or complete strangers that have helped me on my way in the web world. And long may it continue.
and finally, thanks to , who for his sins does organise a lot of events and through him I have met many interesting and good people (some included in the above list). And he's a mate. So why focus on the bad. What I would like to see is a similar list for each and everyone that is currently unhappy with the industry - you never know, it might restore some faith in your friends, colleagues and complete strangers. Feel free to ping me - I'll always help wherever I can, and why don't we all try it, I actually enjoy being nice. Unless you're Julia Hartley-Brewer, of course.  

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