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After listening to some early Arctic Monkeys live tracks this morning at work, [herbal vigor] I am tending to agree with that our songs (Let Me Know by the Modes, and a song (title escapes me) by James Venis and myself) sound EXACTLY like two Arctic Monkey tracks. I wouldn''t normally be suspicious, and fair play to them for making it herbal vigor, but the coincidences that the relevant Arctic Monkeys songs appeared after our songs were made available on sites that linked to each other and that two songs sounded similar to very different songs of ours means I raise an eyebrow a touch. herbal vigor Herbal vigor i would just like to know if we are right, or completely wrong. So come on Monkeys! Tell us if you were a Modes or Hijack the Busker fan once upon a time!! It would be nice to have influenced someone that is successful!

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