Thieves or just talented?

After listening to some early Arctic Monkeys live tracks this morning at work, I am tending to agree with The Modes that our songs (Let Me Know by the Modes, and a song (title escapes me) by James Venis and myself) sound EXACTLY like two Arctic Monkey tracks. I wouldn”t normally be suspicious, and fair play to them for making it, but the coincidences that the relevant Arctic Monkeys songs appeared after our songs were made available on sites that linked to each other and that two songs sounded similar to very different songs of ours means I raise an eyebrow a touch.

I would just like to know if we are right, or completely wrong. So come on Monkeys! Tell us if you were a Modes or Hijack the Busker fan once upon a time!! It would be nice to have influenced someone that is successful!

I’m in Mexico!

iPodWell, I’m not really in Mexico, but my friend Dan W-H is in America at the moment, and when he looked on a completely random Mexican girl’s iPod he only found the classic song Talk to Me by James Venis (with me on bass and arranging the pretty rubbish drums). Amazing.

So I suppose that makes me a worldwide artist? Should that go on me CV or something, or should I get James back down for more recording sessions and get an album’s worth recorded? Or should I stick to being a geek and save the guitar playing for retirement!!

I’m still in a bit of shock, but it’s nice to know that long recording period of my youth is being appreciated by someone somewhere. I am waiting to hear the reaction of James.

Insert witty title here…

Well I think I can honestly say I have never been as uncomfortable as this because of heat. The office is officially the hottest place I”ve ever known. But it”s made worse by the fact I have work to do and can’t just drink cold drinks and sit in the shade smoking.

I was extremely annoyed yesterday due to the collections company explaining that when they said my payments would be up for review, they actually meant “Pay us it all now.” Needless to say I had a barney and the monthly payments continue, but they have risen to £340 a month, which is way too much for me to enjoy myself. It”s more than my rent for God”s sake!!! I will have to see if I can afford it, if not, some form of goodwill payment each month will have to keep them happy, since it”s not really worth me going bankrupt (especially since they wouldn”t get paid off that way anyway!

And finally, on a lighter note, the picture you can see below is my good friend Mr Neil Collins on Countdown. I know!!! He has hair!! Amazing isn”t it!!

Neil on Countdown

Well, back to work me thinks!

The Summer Trip

Spitbank FortWell that was fun!! A nice Friday day trip to Portsmouth, lunch on historic Spitbank sea fort 1 mile off the coast (see the picture!) and then flying around on RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats or something!) for the rest of the afternoon. Then we had a nice barbeque and free bar in our lovely hotel. This is much better than a quick Italian meal on a Saturday night like at Electric Avenue (no offence guys, but it is).

It took some recovering on Saturday and the coach trip wasn”t all that much fun, but very worth it.

Now back to the grindstone, with websites and e-mails galore to do, and football to be played in between. Hopefully the Christmas trip will be even better – and I”ve been assured it will be.

Flash Dilemma!

Well I”ve dropped myself in it this time! I offered to do a short flash animation for a joinee friend – but with the move and so forth I don”t think I”m going to do it justice. Basically it”s for a play which includes a character that did a flash animation of another character”s violent past… and I don”t think I”m going to be getting it done to the standard I hoped I could do and probably to the standard they hoped for.

So I think I”ll be doing a sample for Tuesday and then I”ll let them see if they want to try and find an alternative! I”ve already warned them of this so hopefully it”ll all work out fine.

Fingers crossed anyway…