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Viagra prescription online After having iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) forcing me out of running for a while I have attempted to start running again this week, viagra prescription online in preparation for the Milton Keynes triathlon on 26 July. Viagra prescription online If I am to reach my (revised) goal of 2hr 30 I have to really get in a 46 minute 10km run time. Viagra prescription online I had hoped to complete a 2hr 15 Olympic distance triathlon but with injury interrupting training since I set that goal in January, viagra prescription online I have decided 2hr 30 is a respectable target time.

Viagra prescription online Thankfully this week I have completed a 6km and 7.5km run with absolutely no ill effects whatsoever, viagra prescription online in fact my legs felt stronger than they ever have following any distance running. Viagra prescription online Tomorrow I am tempted to even try the 11.4km run into work (SW20 to SW10), viagra prescription online however it might be a bit soon for an undulating run like that.

Viagra prescription online I’m attributing this feeling to 2 things, viagra prescription online the excellent physiotherapy (and subsequent stretching exercises) that David Bolton provided and Choi Kwang Do study and stretching. Viagra prescription online Now I included a Choi Kwang Do warm up before my running and with class twice a week I hope that the injuries will stay away – goodness knows I’ve had a shocking time with injuries so far this year.

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