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Cialis 20 mg Today, cialis 20 mg @foamcow on twitter was asking how to list snippets of pages on Perch. Cialis 20 mg So I thought I would have a break and list how I did it – which may not be the best method, cialis 20 mg but it worked for me.

Cialis 20 mg I had pages with perch content fields, cialis 20 mg with, cialis 20 mg for the reason of this example, cialis 20 mg we’ll call Heading a plain text field, cialis 20 mg Image (image field) and a Content (textarea).

Cialis 20 mg Initially I though I was stuck, cialis 20 mg but the forums told me to list the pages I need based on the navigation functions, cialis 20 mg so in brief, cialis 20 mg here’s how I did it. Cialis 20 mg Apologies for lack of syntax highlighting etc, cialis 20 mg will add that later!

Cialis 20 mg
< ?php // Let's get the list of pages according to the navigation first. Cialis 20 mg // Restrict to the path we need, cialis 20 mg which is only pages in /projects/ // skip-template means we just get an array of the page data back. $navigation = perch_pages_navigation(array( 'from-path' => '/projects/', cialis 20 mg
'levels' => 1, cialis 20 mg
'skip-template' => true

Cialis 20 mg // Now let's loop through the perch content in the project page template
foreach( $navigation as $item ) {

Cialis 20 mg // Add Skip template so we can use the data
$opts = array(
'page' => $item['pagePath'], cialis 20 mg // This is where we use the data from the nav list to get each page in turn
'skip-template' => true

Cialis 20 mg // Now get an array of data for each perch content area in the page template
// All using the same options array we just set using the nav pagePath
$data = perch_content_custom('Heading', cialis 20 mg $opts);
$desc = perch_content_custom('Content', cialis 20 mg $opts);
$images = perch_content_custom('Image', cialis 20 mg $opts);

Cialis 20 mg ?>
<!-- This bit was more complicated for me - print_r your own array to work out what array index you need. Cialis 20 mg -->
<a href="< ?php echo $item['pagePath'];?>">
<img src="/perch/resources/< ?php echo $images[0]['image']['sizes']['w684h386c1']['path']; ?>" alt="" />

Cialis 20 mg <h2><a href="< ?php echo $item['pagePath'];?>">< ?php echo $data[0]['text']; ?></a></h2>
<p>< ?php echo $desc[0]['text']; ?> <a href="< ?php echo $item['pagePath'];?>">More</a></p>

Cialis 20 mg </article>

Cialis 20 mg < ?php } // foreach ?>

Cialis 20 mg

Cialis 20 mg And hopefully that should work – but if not it has the basic theory. Cialis 20 mg You can flag items by adding another suppressed field to the project page template and then checking the value in the for loop, cialis 20 mg which I have done before, cialis 20 mg although there may be a more efficient way to do that.

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Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 After visiting the Middlesbrough Football Club site and MFC Official Direct shop ( today, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 I was left embarrassed as a Boro fan at the state of both web sites. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Below are open letters which I hope representatives of both will see and respond to.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Dear MFC Official Direct

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 When seeing an advert for the 30% off sale and Boro replica kits for only £15 I was very happy and ran straight over to the store to get myself a replica home kit.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 However the experience I had left me shocked, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 disappointed and embarrassed. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Now let me say that I am a Boro fan and a front end developer (so I can understand when things aren’t perfect), clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 but still feel the need to expose the pitfalls of this site in public.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 My first issue was when I tried to update my delivery address, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 having moved jobs and so I couldn’t have the parcel delivered to my old place of work. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 However it appears I am not allowed to move companies, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 the company name could not be edited. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 ANYWHERE. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Not on that form, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 not on my account page, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 not on mange addresses through my account page, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 nowhere. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 The company isn’t even called Gyro International anymore!

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Following that annoyance, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 I thought “Fine, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 I’ll just add a new address. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 But then I couldn’t add a company name to go with that, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 and being in a shared building with many other companies and nowhere to add a company name and few form fields for address I thought I would have it delivered home.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Delivery details on MFC Official Direct Store

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 I thought that would be fine, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 but alas no. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Following selection of delivery type in step 2 I was thrown to the confirm order page. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Step 4. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Hold on. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 That’s missed step 3, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 and I haven’t entered my payment details yet? But I’m on the last step? Oh well. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 I guess this really is a good shop! That was confirmed by a nice page telling my my order has been successfully placed! Excellent, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 I don’t have to pay it seems. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Maybe now Mido is back he is funding a shirt giveaway to try and make someone love him!

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Alas no, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 after a second or two I was delivered and Sage Pay (formerly Protx) payment page. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Now this possibly isn’t MFC Official Direct’s fault, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 however it is still part of a flawed process. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 And anyone that spends £12.7m on Alfonso Alves must have some cash somewhere to invest in a seamless checkout process. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Or at least one that allows the checkout page to be on brand, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 not hideous and at least not be included as step 5 of 4.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 The hideous Sage Pay checkout screen.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 So after all that and finally getting my payment details in, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 I notice that Sage Pay have thankfully printed my delivery address so I know its right:

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Flat E

(They printed my postcode too, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 but that’s private!)

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Now I know the postcode will probably mean that as a delivery address might just make it, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 and maybe the full address has been stored, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 but why print only part of the address. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Thinking about it, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 there are quite a few flats in my area so Flat E, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Putney might not make it. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 My address is a required 2 lines before the town and postcode so why not just show me the details so I don’t think you’ve lost half my address along the way. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Same goes for invoice address. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Just show it all or people (including myself) might not be confident you have managed to pass the correct delivery information and that we may never see our goods, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 many of which are quite expensive on the MFC Official Direct store.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Anyway, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 after this traumatic experience it’ll be a while before I use the MFC Official Direct store again, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 however I also have some gripes with the Middlesbrough Football Club website itself, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 so this probably isn’t the last you’ll hear from me. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Thankfully however, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 at least the agency that built the site are linked to in the footer, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 so it can act as a reminder to never, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 ever recommend Black Magic Digital of Glasgow as a digital agency. Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 They apparently missed out on the user experience chapter of every book they ever picked up.

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Yours, clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Matt Bee

Clomipramine 75mg pills $117.00 Boro Fan and Front End Developer

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Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 This has cropped up lately following Elliot Jay Stocks post (and tweet). Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 So here’s my tuppence.

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Should designers be able to code their designs?

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 No.

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 But then again it isn’t that cut and dry. Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 I think that there are a very small number of designers that might just be able to get away with it, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 but they are a minority in the geek world. Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 There’s a reason people like Andy Clarke and Elliot himself are respected so well, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 because they are skilled and motivated enough to keep on top of design and code. Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 For the majority of us we should specialise in design, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 front end development (HTML and CSS) or back end development. Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 I also still think there’s a place for pure JavaScript developers (reducing the reliance on jQuery and other frameworks to optimise code).

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 So should designers know how to code?

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Yes.

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Learn how designs are laid out, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 learn how positioning works, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 learn about floats, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 browser bugs and the deficiencies of Internet Explorer (and Safari, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Chrome, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Opera and Firefox for that matter). Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 There should be no excuse for providing designs that are an absolute nightmare to build, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 but it doesn’t mean you have to be able to build them yourself. Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 If you know the limitations of the technology you can both design to their limitations and think about ways to get round that and make your awesome designs work.

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Which brings about an interesting point, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 the best way to learn HTML and CSS is just to do it, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 so if you ask the question again, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 the answer might be different.

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Should designers be able to code their designs?

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Yes. Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 But don’t let them build the production site.

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Why not then, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 if they can? The intricacies and time spent on testing and debugging is a start, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 but I also spend a lot of time keeping up to speed on how Google looks at my code, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 mobile development, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 I’m still getting to grips with HTML5 and CSS3, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 I’m work hard on optimising code, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 and if I had to do all of that and design sites I build I would let myself down in one area. Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 Not to mention I am not a designer, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 I do code, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 that is my passion and so I’m sticking to it and not learning design or keeping on top of design to be able to do both.

Zocor 5mg pills $251.00 You could well apply the same principle to the difference between a front end developer and a back end developer, zocor 5mg pills $251.00 but I’ve got work to do!

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Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Hoorah! I took a bit of time over Christmas to read and review the book Website Owners Manual by Paul Boag, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 of BoagWorld podcast and Headscape design agency fame.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 My review which I recorded in January made it onto the podcast number 198, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 and as it was the author presenting the review, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 it became a lot funnier than I had ever planned!


Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The website owners manual by Paul Boag, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 published by Manning Publications

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The website owners manual by Paul Boag is targeted to help those who own, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 run or manage web sites make them more successful. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 A quiet and humble man Paul has attempted to deliver all the lessons learned through more than 10 years of experience, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 at all stages of a site lifecycle, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 into a single resource. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The result is a book that will help those responsible for websites be as successful as they can.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Covering topics ranging from selecting the right web agency all the way through to planning for the future, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 not all content might be appropriate for all website owners, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 but if the desired audience pick up this book, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 I don’t think there a single reader that will not learn something and become more successful in their role because of this book.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The book contains succinct well considered advice, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 which will not overwhelm any reader. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 I thought there might not be quite enough in depth information, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 or further resources, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 provided some sections to really make a difference, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 like reviewing site analytics. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The book could have also better proofed, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 but this is a matter for the publishers. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Not to mention one of the images depicting a developer in a tie.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The website owners manual is divided into standalone chapters that each covers a different stage or process involved in running a website. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The 12 chapters cover:

  1. The secret to a successful website
  2. Stress free planning
  3. The perfect team
  4. Differences over design
  5. Creating killer content
  6. User centric design
  7. Ensuring access for all
  8. Taking control
  9. Decoding technobable
  10. Engaging visitors
  11. And finally, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Planning for the future

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Although not all chapters will be relevant to all website owners, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 and any experienced website owner will probably have a lot of the advice and recommendations in place, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 there is still an awful lot to either learn, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 or be reminded of while running your website.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The topics covered in the book do a good job of providing a feel for the requirements of each stage in the web site process. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Some really useful content includes stress free planning, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 the perfect team, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 decoding technobabble and becoming number 1 on google.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 firstly, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Stress free planning, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 where in the “picture your users” section, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Paul explains how you can research properly, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 prioritize your users and use fictional personas to better understand and relate to your target audience.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 The Perfect team does an excellent job of explaining why a brief is so vital, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 even for small changes. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Including an annotated example brief for fictional client “The Joke Factory” to explain why each part of a brief is so important.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Selecting the right people to work on your website might be the most important (and expensive) decision you make in the whole life of your website so it was good to see the steps Assessing proposals, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 interviewing the short list and evaluating agencies (especially with advice on talking to references).

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Decoding technobabble is a problem for all us developers, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 so despite Paul claiming web developers are going to hate this chapter, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 I know my clients won’t hate me reading it. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Not using simple terms to explain how a website works and introducing concepts like hosting is something I know I frustrate people with, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 but not for much longer.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Whilst reading the becoming number 1 on google section in the chapter driving traffic I was very pleased to read Paul explains about Black hat search marketing methods and why site owners should steer well clear of these underhand techniques.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 In Planning for the future, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 I can take a lot from concepts such as Microformats, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 APIs and alternative devices concisely explained direct to my clients.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 I really think this book is a must for any person responsible for a website, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 due to the wide range of topics covered. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 Although as I said, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 not all chapters will be relevant to all website owners, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 there will be more than enough for the book to be a real valuable resource. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 I like to think of it as a fully fledged consultant sitting on my bookshelf.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 There were real moments of enlightenment about how I can help clients really grasp the requirements behind an effective site. Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 I hope this will dramatically improve my client communication using Paul’s thorough but clear explanations of the concepts required for a successful website.

Synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 So that’s what I thought about the website owners manual, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 but its only the tip of the iceberg, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 and each person that reads the book will take learn something different, synthroid 200mcg pills $102.00 so I urge you to buy it and see what it can do for you.

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Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Here at GyroHSR (I had nothing to do with that site, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 thankfully) we are all a little bit confused over wireframes. Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Essentially, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 I think that the main issue lies in what exactly is a wireframe supposed to deliver.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 In my opinion I believe a wireframe should simple layout exactly what information should be displayed on a page and define the importance of that information, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 in relation to the rest of the content.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 With this idea in mind, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 a wireframe does not necessarily have to provide any sort of guide to the actual layout of a page. Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 There isn’t really anything wrong with this for a simple contact page wireframe:

Header elements

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Logo – prominent positioning.
Search box – enable users to search whole site.
Navigation – full site navigation.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Main content

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Contact form – main content on page, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 encourage users to use this method of contact.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Secondary content

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Postal address – specify preferred correspondence address.
Email address – link to create email for users that prefer this method of contact.
vCard – Download contact details to an address book for future use.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Other content

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Company details – registerd company address and registration number.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 That will provide the main information required by a wireframe, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 and producing this format for every page to be developed should meet the designers needs.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 However one point above is always missed, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 producing a wireframe for every page. Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Without doing this you are not creating an information architecture for a designer to follow, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 resulting in questioning why wirframes for any pages were created at all.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 The same problem applies to wireframes that incorporate some form of layout:

Example wireframe - courtesy of
Example wireframe - courtesy of

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Creating a wireframe for every page becomes even more important with this wireframe style, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 in my opinion. Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Creating this type of wireframe for only a small number of pages during the information architecture stage of a web site process results in designers feeling restricted to make all pages following the same layout. Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Often the content will lend itself to a completely different layout, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 which means it needs its own wireframe and if not it should be easy to create another wireframe based on what has already been created.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 One other thing I often find missing from wireframes are annotations. Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 Visual representation is fine, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 but if you really want to let a client or designer know what you plan for the page, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 it needs to be annotated well. Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 The annotations let the wireframe make sense and are vital to communicating the user experience. Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 A poorly annoted wireframe wil result in poorly communicated ideas and will very probably hinder the final user experience.

Allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 So that’s what I think about wireframes, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 or to add to this because wireframes are such an important part of the web development process that I think anyone involved in the industry should input into how wireframes can help ease the pressure on project management, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 information architecture, allopurinol 300mg pills $266.00 design and development.

Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 186 user reviews.