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Us discount viagra overnight delivery Since going freelance I have had the opportunity to work in all manner of places, us discount viagra overnight delivery from in small coffee shops to multi million pound agency premises.

Us discount viagra overnight delivery During this time I have learn a lot about working from anywhere, us discount viagra overnight delivery so here are my top 5 tips. Us discount viagra overnight delivery Hope they help you as much as they help me.

  1. Plan location times in advance. If you know that you have a long day ahead of you – find somewhere that won’t kick you out in the middle of a complex tax. Us discount viagra overnight delivery Nothing worse than being 30 minutes from finishing a project and Starbucks closes in ten minutes. Us discount viagra overnight delivery Use a natural break to move early and find an alternative.
  2. Keep a spare. Of EVERYTHING business critical. Us discount viagra overnight delivery I have 2 Macs, us discount viagra overnight delivery my old one I could have sold, us discount viagra overnight delivery but I have kept it and it serves as a back up machine. Us discount viagra overnight delivery If my day to day machine dies at 9pm, us discount viagra overnight delivery with a deadline to hit, us discount viagra overnight delivery it isn’t the end of the world.
  3. Use CVS/Back up everything. I use Git. Us discount viagra overnight delivery In tandem with the last post, us discount viagra overnight delivery make sure that all your code is backed up, us discount viagra overnight delivery versioned and always safe. Us discount viagra overnight delivery And commit every change. Us discount viagra overnight delivery Even if it only serves to remind you how you did something in a month or three.
  4. Talk to people. There is far too much value in talking to people, us discount viagra overnight delivery learning from them and just generally relaxing from your focussed task fro a few minutes. Us discount viagra overnight delivery You may find advice, us discount viagra overnight delivery opinion and driection from the most unlikely sources.
  5. Don’t work. Just because you can work remotely, us discount viagra overnight delivery doesn’t mean you always have to be on the clock. Us discount viagra overnight delivery Set your own hours by all means, us discount viagra overnight delivery but if you spend all your time being available and ready to work, us discount viagra overnight delivery you’re not living your life. Us discount viagra overnight delivery Remember, us discount viagra overnight delivery my favourite saying: “Work to live, us discount viagra overnight delivery don’t live to work.”

Us discount viagra overnight delivery Now – I better get back to work! Or pop into my kitchen for a snack and a coffee. Us discount viagra overnight delivery Life is good.

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Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Here at GyroHSR (I had nothing to do with that site, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 thankfully) we are all a little bit confused over wireframes. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Essentially, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 I think that the main issue lies in what exactly is a wireframe supposed to deliver.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 In my opinion I believe a wireframe should simple layout exactly what information should be displayed on a page and define the importance of that information, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 in relation to the rest of the content.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 With this idea in mind, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 a wireframe does not necessarily have to provide any sort of guide to the actual layout of a page. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 There isn’t really anything wrong with this for a simple contact page wireframe:

Header elements

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Logo – prominent positioning.
Search box – enable users to search whole site.
Navigation – full site navigation.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Main content

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Contact form – main content on page, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 encourage users to use this method of contact.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Secondary content

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Postal address – specify preferred correspondence address.
Email address – link to create email for users that prefer this method of contact.
vCard – Download contact details to an address book for future use.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Other content

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Company details – registerd company address and registration number.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 That will provide the main information required by a wireframe, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 and producing this format for every page to be developed should meet the designers needs.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 However one point above is always missed, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 producing a wireframe for every page. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Without doing this you are not creating an information architecture for a designer to follow, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 resulting in questioning why wirframes for any pages were created at all.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 The same problem applies to wireframes that incorporate some form of layout:

Example wireframe - courtesy of
Example wireframe - courtesy of

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Creating a wireframe for every page becomes even more important with this wireframe style, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 in my opinion. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Creating this type of wireframe for only a small number of pages during the information architecture stage of a web site process results in designers feeling restricted to make all pages following the same layout. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Often the content will lend itself to a completely different layout, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 which means it needs its own wireframe and if not it should be easy to create another wireframe based on what has already been created.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 One other thing I often find missing from wireframes are annotations. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 Visual representation is fine, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 but if you really want to let a client or designer know what you plan for the page, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 it needs to be annotated well. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 The annotations let the wireframe make sense and are vital to communicating the user experience. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 A poorly annoted wireframe wil result in poorly communicated ideas and will very probably hinder the final user experience.

Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 So that’s what I think about wireframes, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 or to add to this because wireframes are such an important part of the web development process that I think anyone involved in the industry should input into how wireframes can help ease the pressure on project management, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 information architecture, lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 design and development.

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Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 As developers we hate it. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 But I have to admit it is an unnecessary evil in my (current) world as an agency web developer. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Lets face it – it works.

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 So here it is, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 the blog on the dreaded subject of email marketing from a my point of view, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 why we hate it, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 how we can make it work, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 what people can do to make our lives easier and campaigns more efficient and effective. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00

Why don’t I like building emails?

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 This is simple. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 We love accessible, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 semantic, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 standards based code. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 We do not like going back to techniques used over 10 years ago. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 We have to use out of date layout techniques and the code is long winded, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 complicated and boring to produce. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 It wouldn’t be so bad if we could use the same HTML and CSS standards we use for web sites, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 but unfortunately it isn’t an option. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Not if you want your campaigns to include the creative idea that you are so sure will work, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 at least. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 And this doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 If you haven’t seen the problems with Microsoft Outlook 2007 using Microsft Word to render emails, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 then the internet is full of disgruntled people. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Actually, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 I’ll help you with that. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Don’t get me started on Lotus Notes.

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 It isn’t our fault animated gifs don’t always work. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Flash can’t be used. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Hell, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 even background images don’t work. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 These points ARE NOT OUR FAULT. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 But it still provides a hot topic of discussion between designers/concept teams and us developers. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Trust my judgement, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 look at how long I’ve been doing this, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 we do actually know what we are doing, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 although maybe you and your great idea are more important than everyone seeing it as intended. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Or doesn’t that defy the point altogether. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 There are hundreds of different software, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 webmail and operating system combinations for us to work to. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 If you want your campaign to work in even 80% of them. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Please listen to my advice, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 not just try to replicate your print campaign in an email. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 They are completely different mediums.

What works?

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Again, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 simple things.

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Keep your text to standard web fonts. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Don’t rely on background images. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Don’t ask for Flash or an animation. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Keep the layout simple. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 The fewer images the better. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Yes we can code so things will degrade gracefully, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 but if the client views the email in their inbox (compared to the signed off HTML file they viewed in a browser) with missing design elements they liked, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 it won’t be your fault, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 it will be mine. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 So please just make the designs possible in all clients.

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Unless of course you have stats showing 100% of your recipients use an email client that supports animated gifs or background images – but first of all that is unlikely to be available, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 let alone likely to ever happen!

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Even so what people don’t seem to understand is that everything doesn’t have to happen in an email. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 We have awesome tools in jQuery, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Flash, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 and even simple HTML/CSS that can impress and prompt customer action better than an email. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 So a well thought out simple email to get people to somewhere showcasing the creative concept and getting customers interacting will work better than trying to contain everything in someone’s inbox. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 I find that a simple concept to understand. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Why can’t others!

In the words of Columbo…

Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Just one more thing, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 if I can get on with building sites because I don’t have complicated email discussions going back and forwards, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 I will be happier. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Of course sites are what I love, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 so if emails could disappear completely I’d appreciate it.


Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 Finally, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 here are some good email resources, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 not that you’ll probably read them anyway. Augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 All are from Campaign Monitor, augmentin 375mg pills $204.00 because they are good.

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Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 The reason I ask is because the variety of job titles for my role astounds me. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 As Stanton, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 Ryan and Sarah mentioned on the Boagworld podcast episode 176 the number of job titles is never ending. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 Consider this, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 I have seen all the below job titles for my role or roles within my day to day responsibilities:

  • Front End Developer
  • Web Author
  • Client Side Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Producer
  • Web Programmer
  • User Interface Developer
  • Digital Strategist
  • Web Manager
  • Digital Developer

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 What do any of these mean? For my part, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 I believe that Front End Developer covers all the bases. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 Web developer will cover front and back end work and server side (or back end) developer will work for, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00  you guessed it, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 server side developer.

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 I don’t know if it is because of the young age of the industry, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 or if people are trying to create the most impressive sounding titles for themselves or their staff, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 or if it is HR not understanding what somebody does.

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 Why would this worry me? I worry because I currently have the title Senior Web Author. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 What I don’t want is people to read that who has a different definition of the role and immediately discount me from anything that I may suit. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 If I were offered the role today I wouldn’t expect to be heavily involved in HTML/CSS and Javascript development, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 but I would think that an author would be more involved in content authoring.

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 The same works the other way, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 I may be looking for a role and find that I completely miss my perfect job because it was advertised as a “web designer” role. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 Would I expect designers to build code? Not nowadays.

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 This specificity us geeks now show may be a direct contributor to the current job title confusion. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 Back in the early days a web designer will probably have had to build the site they design, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 but with technologies needing such attention, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 people really need to specialise as early as possible. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 The old saying “jack of all trades and master of none” applies a great deal in our industry.

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 Of course a lot of companies (including my employers GyroHSR*) are still trying to determine the best structure for their digital department, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 the job title situation may get worse rather than better, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 but I hope that anywhere I have influence we can set the following roles, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 all that should be needed in a web site development process, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 especially the small to medium builds I am involved with:

  • Project Manager
  • User Experience/Information Architect
  • Web Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Server Side Developer

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 And User Experience/Information Architect and Front End developer roles are the ones I look out for. Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 How better to start trying to select something new when you know the organisation has similar structure ideas to mine.

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 Please comment if you have any job titles I missed, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 or any suggestions for jobs I might look out for I would normally skip in the listings!

Cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 * I had NOTHING to do with our terrible web site, cardizem 180mg pills $91.00 by the way

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Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 I appear to have finally exorcised the running demons for this season, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 only more than half way through the season, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 but at least I have managed to get ready for my main Olympic distance race in Milton Keynes on Sunday 26th July and the dreaded Vitruvian race in September.

Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 Completing a warm up sprint distance triathlon on Wednesday gone in the F3 Traithletes World series, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 at Dorney Lake, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 was a bit of a milestone in the end. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 Posting not only my fastest swim yet, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 I also managed a pretty good 21:32 5km run off the bike.  A total time of 1:14.58 met my final goal of last year and hitting under 1:15 for a sprint triathlon really felt like an achievement. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 Now lets see if 1:10 is possible next year!

Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 Milton Keynes have slightly annoyed me by changing the bike route to a 2 lap 20km route rather than one 40km loop, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 however I hope to use this to my advantage and blitz the second lap by know where I can punch it and when I need to save some leg strength for the undulations. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 Travelling up there by car Saturday means I’ll also have chance to recce the course, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 better preparing myself even more.

Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 I’ve also just started my own running club! Work have introduced a scheme to try and get people more active and I’ll be taking on the running side of it with regular runs for all abilities at various times throughout the week. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 Will have to plan the best way for beginner and mixed ability running sessions, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 but I also look forward to the faster lot providing a bit of a challenge and motivation during some really tough interval and fartlek sessions.

Ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 The GyroHSR Chicago office have also laid down challenge in regards to a Nike+ inter-office challange, ibuprofen 600mg pills $213.00 so I’ll have to get myself an iPod and Nike+ sports kit to participate in that – but to be honest its a good excuse for more training tracking toys.

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