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Spitbank FortWell that was fun!! A nice Friday day trip to Portsmouth zestril 5mg pills $174.00, lunch on historic Spitbank sea fort 1 mile off the coast (see the picture!) and then flying around on RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats or something!) for the rest of the afternoon. [zestril 5mg pills $174.00] Then we had a nice barbeque and free bar in our lovely hotel. Zestril 5mg pills $174.00 this is much better than a quick italian meal on a saturday night like at electric avenue (no offence guys, but it is). It took some recovering on Saturday and the coach trip wasn''t all that much fun, but very worth it. Now back to the grindstone, with websites and e-mails galore to do, and football to be zestril 5mg pills $174.00 played in between. Hopefully the Christmas trip will be even better - and I''ve been assured it will be.

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