Matt Bee celebrates“That’s a poor challange to the left of Florists Arms penalty area, to be fair they’ve struggled to contain Justin all morning. Jason steps up to take the free kick, and delivers a great ball towards the back post, and Matt Bee (Woody) has made a late run into the box, read the cross beautifully and glances a great header into the bottom right hand corner of the goal. It”s a great finish from the centre back, although the Florists markers should have picked up the lanky Northerner well before he got to the edge of the six yard area.”

At least that’s what I think the commentator would have said about my goal on Sunday. Although the scoreline of Hackney Wanderers 7-1 Florists Arms suggests anybody could have scored, I’m still extremely pleased with a goal so early in the season.

So that’s 2 games down, and 6 points. Even though we have played some of the weaker teams in the division, I think we have strong enough players to dig in for results against the better teams. But it doesn’t look like we’re going to struggle, which is all that matters for at least the first season.