That’s it! We have found our house for next year. It is on Cannon Hill Lane, Raynes Park (not too far from Morden underground station). I saw the house when Claire was at work and decided that I wanted to move there straight away – so dragged her to see it first thing the next day, luckily she liked it too. It is next to a cricket pitch, a green and a park in a beautiful area. In fact there are about 8 parks in the surrounding area. It is a first floor conversion flat, with garden, nice kitchen, large bedroon and large lounge. It’s even closer to work for me and my bike (a grand total of approximately 8 miles).

It’s is also £55 cheaper than our maximum budget was going to be, so I am pleased about that. It’s going to be a real stretch to get the 6 weeks deposit, £100 admin fee and 1 month rent (in advance) together, but I think that would have been the same anywhere. We have put a £250 holding deposit down already which will come off the total bill – but I think I’ll still have to beg steal and borrow to get all the money together.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the house and the neighbourhood!!

The Outside (top flat on the right)

The Green almost next door to the house.