So I finally decided to upgrade my old SPV for a newer model. After some hold ups in the Orange shop on Oxford Street, I decided on a HTC SPV E650. With a nice slide out QWERTY keyboard, the latest Windows mobile (I think), Mobile office, Windows Media Player and random other programs it should do everything I need.

It seems really good so far – although I think it’ll be susceptible to breakage when I keep opening and closing the keyboard in my pocket (fidgeting I think it’s called).

Add it to the free (except for the repair cost) laptop I got from work, I’ll feel on the cutting edge of technology (yetstill be a few years behind).

Next thing to do is try and get a bigger micro SanDisk memory card for my phone, try the programs on my new phone, and find a power supply for my “new” laptop. Answers on a postcard if you know where to find a power supply for a HP Compaq Nx9010!