New Optimus Prime toy by Hasbro

So this weekend I had a nice weekend picnic-ing, then watched Transformers at the cinema. Sunday was the usual Sunday League training then couple of pints. Excellent weather both days, but I did have a couple of Transformers opinions I need to get off ny chest.

Firstly Bumble Bee wasn’t a Beetle. And to wind us up he’s parked nest to a battered Beetle in the car showroom who he dents with his door! OK, so the new Camero is fine and Bumble Bee wasn’t always a Beetle (just the best one was!). But changing at will between old Camero and new wasn’t right! OK I wan’t the biggest fan originally or of the comic but surely if the Transformers could change to anything they scan or touch then they could have all been F16s! Same with that anoying little radio/mobile phone thing!!

Secondly why was Optimus Prime a big rig instead of a nice flat fronted truck as I remember him!! I wish they’d left it as was, however I must say the new Hasbro Optimus Prime toy looks pretty impressive.

But apart from that the film was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. The moments I really enjoyed were most of the Autobot lines, Optimus Prime getting his sword out and the whole fight sequences. I’ll look forward to the second film!!

Work wise I’ve had an interesting week, something came up, made work interesting, I made what I hope will be the right decision and that I can help make some interesting changes. That’s about all I’ll say for the minute! This wek will mostly be spent working out ways to use jQuery to “add value” to upcoming jobs. And learning AJAX more so I don’t get stuck with combining 2 different ajaxy implementations on one page!

And finally – Luke Young, Jonathan Woodgate, Tuncay Sanli and Alan Smith (hopefully) aint a bad list of signings for Boro this summer. Let’s get back in Europe boys!!