Just a quick blog to say that I’m a little confused.

Now I love the Len Price 3{.external} and will go to as many gigs as I can, however I’m worried I’m getting a little too fanatic.

This is because I am seriously torn between going to either the Foo Fighters on 17th November at the O2 Arena in a box with my mate Smyth, or going to a gig in West London to see the Len Price 3. This is despite I saw the Len Price 3 a couple weeks back, and will be seeing them again on the 2nd November, and the fact that Dave Grohl used to be in Nirvana (my all time favourite artist, by far).

Could it be that the Len Price 3 are just a better band live with better songs? Very possibly.

But it’s gotta be the Foo Fighters for the experience. Bring on the music!