The Science Museum, South Kensington

I am sorry, but when I read in the Evening Standard{.external} that The Science Museum{.external} are in going to be short of funding following their elimination from the ITV show Big Lottery Fund’s People’s Millions I was absolutely fuming. The problems I have with this are that firstly, the Science Museum should not be in danger of being short of funding. It is an amazing place and needs somewhere to keep additional exhibits. More should be done by the government to support them if they are that short of public and private funding. How about starting by not claiming £9 million in expenses{.external}?

Secondly, what kind of idiot decides that the type of people that watch a teatime phone in vote show (especially following recent phone in revelations) are educated enough to decide which projects deserve funding. I would put money on a Simon Cowell fund for retired karaoke singers getting more votes that a project with a genuine ability to help educate and inspire future (and current) generations.

I have to say I think it is a ridiculous idea, already proved to fail at the most basic level. I can only hope that the claims for cash that resulting in this source of funding to the Science Museum being a failure are absolutely worthwhile. Somehow I doubt it.