Since my last blog I travelled by bicycle from London to Amsterdam to Brussels. I also started competitive triathlon. I was promoted. I found a few awesome web applications.

It might have been a few months since I blogged, as I was rebuilding my site from the ground up, however I recently decided to maintain WordPress as my blogging platform – so I can add blogs without having to re-build the databases later… leaving about 5 months of blogging to do.

I’ll write and back date some blogs I have, including the 3 capitals bike ride and the triathlons, but some other summer news is below.


Earlier this year I was promoted to the role of Senior Web Author, or Senior Front End Developer. About time too, say Dan and I, but now I have the title I will have to apply myself to the title more that previously – when we seemed to be doing the role without the title. I also need to start looking at my next role, and how I can progress further without becoming a management type person. I’m not ready for management roles yet!


I’ve just got a training schedule and it is painful! I will stick to it as much as physically possible and see how much I can improve in triathlon next year, because there is a chance I could get well under 2:30 olympic distance, or maybe even represent GB in the amateur age group world champs. Not likely, but I’ll have to have a go.


I recently wrote a blog entry for BluHalo about when should we stop supporting Internet Explorer 6.

Work wise, I’ve also started an email review system for Virgin Atlantic – which is going relatively well. I’m looking forward to completing the whole system and making it simple to update and making a system that can be used for other clients as well. I don’t think the Virgin system would work for all, due to the complexity of the dynamic content, but there is definitely something there we could sell. As much as I hate it, dynamic content does work.

Next year’s cycle challenge

I better get started on this soon, and get some fund-raising started if this is to come to fruition – but I hope next year to cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Approximately 1,000 miles in 10 days I hope, but I’ll go as quick as I can! I’ll need cycle sponsorship, some support vehicle cost cover, some equipment sponsorship and fund-raising for an as yet undecided charity.


This was a mistake. I’ve joined our Movember team at work, where you grow a moustache to support male health issues, such as prostrate cancer.

I’ll blog about the danger of reply all that helped me raise most of my fund-raising later.

So other blogs are on the way, so keep an eye open!