Monday 4th May: So the time came to beat my rather slow time of 1:14 for my first Thames Turbo Triathlon race in April. I was confident I was stronger in the water and on the bike, and it turns out I was, 2 minutes knocked off the bike and almost 1 minute off the swim. Very good. Problems occurred when I dismounted from the bike and found that my knee didn’t work very well. Hardly at all in fact.

The stumbling back into transition and subsequent struggle to get into my shoes prompted attention from the marshalls around me, and after careful consideration and advice I decided to not even try and start the run. A quick check to the paramedics to check I wouldn’t lose my leg or anything and I was sent on my way. Disappointing end to my race, but caught up with a few people I hadn’t seen for a while and made some progress in the parts I could do.

Friday 8th May: This morning I went to the physio to have my knee checked out, after a few days the knee was already feeling stronger and free of pain, so I was a lot less worried than I was. I see David Bolton of Limbus Physiotherapy when I am very broken, as he is incredibly good and exceedingly knowledgable.

Thankfully David believes it is just ITBS, or runners knee. This is good and probably means that my shoes are worn, my bike ill fitting or some other random problem that could randomly occur. So this weekend includes a run tomorrow morning to test the theory, new running shoes ASAP and a professional bike fitting with Sigma Sport in Hampton Wick.

With these all done I should be fit and raring to go cycling mad in the Pyrennes on 6th – 9th June. Which is a relief.