The Truth About Cialis

Viagra levitra iPodWell, viagra levitra I’m not really in Mexico, viagra levitra but my friend Dan W-H is in America at the moment, viagra levitra and when he looked on a completely random Mexican girl’s iPod he only found the classic song Talk to Me by James Venis (with me on bass and arranging the pretty rubbish drums). Viagra levitra Amazing.

Viagra levitra So I suppose that makes me a worldwide artist? Should that go on me CV or something, viagra levitra or should I get James back down for more recording sessions and get an album’s worth recorded? Or should I stick to being a geek and save the guitar playing for retirement!!

Viagra levitra I’m still in a bit of shock, viagra levitra but it’s nice to know that long recording period of my youth is being appreciated by someone somewhere. Viagra levitra I am waiting to hear the reaction of James.

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