Recovery Progress Report

So it’s been 16 days since I had my operation, so I thought I would record the recovery progress and add some pictures of my wounds!

Today has been the best day yet, as earlier I went on a short bike ride, probably only about 3 miles, but it was a good work out and although I found it a little uncomfortable over bumps and setting away or slowing down, I enjoyed it and it wasn’t too stressful on my lungs! So if I don’t get back to work this week, a few more cycle rides to get me moving and I’ll be back Monday week easily.

So for the photos:

My first chest drain
Me in Hospital after the first chest drain was inserted. It’s not as bad as it looks!

Pleurectomy wounds - 2 weeks old.
My pleurectomy wound, bigger than I thought it would be and as painful as it looks!

So apart from a few wounds that still need sorting I feel much better and hope to be back at work soon!

4 thoughts on “Recovery Progress Report”

  1. You’re such a minger! And a poser.

    No mention of how lovely I am for cleaning your nasty wounds either :p

  2. ask the doctors if they can rebuild your entire body so you can become a superhero

    worth a shot aint it?

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