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Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 After visiting the Middlesbrough Football Club site and MFC Official Direct shop (http://www.mfcofficialdirect.co.uk) today, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 I was left embarrassed as a Boro fan at the state of both web sites. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Below are open letters which I hope representatives of both will see and respond to.

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Dear MFC Official Direct

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 When seeing an advert for the 30% off sale and Boro replica kits for only £15 I was very happy and ran straight over to the store to get myself a replica home kit.

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 However the experience I had left me shocked, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 disappointed and embarrassed. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Now let me say that I am a Boro fan and a front end developer (so I can understand when things aren’t perfect), lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 but still feel the need to expose the pitfalls of this site in public.

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 My first issue was when I tried to update my delivery address, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 having moved jobs and so I couldn’t have the parcel delivered to my old place of work. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 However it appears I am not allowed to move companies, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 the company name could not be edited. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 ANYWHERE. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Not on that form, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 not on my account page, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 not on mange addresses through my account page, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 nowhere. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 The company isn’t even called Gyro International anymore!

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Following that annoyance, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 I thought “Fine, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 I’ll just add a new address. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 But then I couldn’t add a company name to go with that, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 and being in a shared building with many other companies and nowhere to add a company name and few form fields for address I thought I would have it delivered home.

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Delivery details on MFC Official Direct Store

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 I thought that would be fine, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 but alas no. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Following selection of delivery type in step 2 I was thrown to the confirm order page. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Step 4. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Hold on. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 That’s missed step 3, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 and I haven’t entered my payment details yet? But I’m on the last step? Oh well. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 I guess this really is a good shop! That was confirmed by a nice page telling my my order has been successfully placed! Excellent, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 I don’t have to pay it seems. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Maybe now Mido is back he is funding a shirt giveaway to try and make someone love him!

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Alas no, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 after a second or two I was delivered and Sage Pay (formerly Protx) payment page. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Now this possibly isn’t MFC Official Direct’s fault, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 however it is still part of a flawed process. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 And anyone that spends £12.7m on Alfonso Alves must have some cash somewhere to invest in a seamless checkout process. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Or at least one that allows the checkout page to be on brand, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 not hideous and at least not be included as step 5 of 4.

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 The hideous Sage Pay checkout screen.

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 So after all that and finally getting my payment details in, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 I notice that Sage Pay have thankfully printed my delivery address so I know its right:

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Flat E

(They printed my postcode too, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 but that’s private!)

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Now I know the postcode will probably mean that as a delivery address might just make it, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 and maybe the full address has been stored, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 but why print only part of the address. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Thinking about it, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 there are quite a few flats in my area so Flat E, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Putney might not make it. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 My address is a required 2 lines before the town and postcode so why not just show me the details so I don’t think you’ve lost half my address along the way. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Same goes for invoice address. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Just show it all or people (including myself) might not be confident you have managed to pass the correct delivery information and that we may never see our goods, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 many of which are quite expensive on the MFC Official Direct store.

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Anyway, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 after this traumatic experience it’ll be a while before I use the MFC Official Direct store again, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 however I also have some gripes with the Middlesbrough Football Club website itself, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 so this probably isn’t the last you’ll hear from me. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Thankfully however, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 at least the agency that built the site are linked to in the footer, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 so it can act as a reminder to never, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 ever recommend Black Magic Digital of Glasgow as a digital agency. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 They apparently missed out on the user experience chapter of every book they ever picked up.

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Yours, lipitor 10mg pills $81.00

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Matt Bee

Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 Boro Fan and Front End Developer

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